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Gran artista javier araujo

My name is Javier Araujo Caviró and I was born in Madrid in 1993. I consider myself a dreamer and, fortunately, I discovered that through art I can give life to my fantasies and dreams and encourage others to enter to our inner world we all are connected.

I began my career, like all great artists, drawing during classes and painting on my own notes. However, when I finished high school, I entered an art school in Madrid where I specialized in animation. I literally wanted to bring the characters of my fantasies to life. I even made my own animated short: “Moondog”.

My time there was an incredible experience full of adventures, where I met amazing people who help me a lot to pursuit my passions. Something that over time you end up valuing much more than initially.

Little by little I moved on to illustration because that is what my soul asked me to do; it was the place to be. One must listen to their own instincts. Like many other modern painters, I work both traditionally and digitally. Some of my projects are carried out directly with digital tools, others are purely traditional and most of them I start in a traditional way to later digitize them.

Throughout my path as an illustrator, there were many moments when I only focused on improving technique and strongly defining my style, pushing myself to reach a high level, because I thought that this is the only way to stand out.

I don’t want to become a famous painter, but, as I mentioned before, one must be able to listen to oneself, to one’s instincts. And now I enjoy art more than ever, because I draw with the passion of a child and with the technique of a professional.

Thank you all very much for visiting me.


                           Javier Araujo