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Storyboard – Shadows

"Was time for the young warrior to prove his courage and for that he had to face himself. He grabed the wooden sword strongly. Behing him a pale blue flame gleam, while his shadow grew in front of him. His training started. The dark figure come out from the ground as a dark copy of the boy, ready to push him to the limits. Both started to fight illuminated by the blue light. But the shadow was superior to the young man and it did not need to much time before deafiting him. Frustrated by his defeat the boy let the temple. Outside everything was in silence whit a sof and cold breeze. He went down confused, with shame and rage in his mind. When he was at the bottom of the stairs a giant wolf emerged from the night. The wolf had a pair of bright yellow eyes. Affraid of the danger the boy tried to run away and the wolf followed him. While running he felt to the ground become an easy prey for the wolf. The beast jump over the boy and go inside of him through the throat. Everything turns dark. When the boy regain conciousness he felt in peace. Now his eyes had the same yellow color of the wolf. He stand and pick up the sword from the floor. Now, with a healed spirit he was ready to go back and face his shadow again."


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