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Chess Pawn

White Pawns Chess

"They were the most important defense. Strong, united, working together to build the future. Didn’t matter the tools, the weather or the place. They were sure of their purpose." 

In ancient chess, the pawn represents the line soldiers. But they were also medieval workers. Having each of them different jobs or roles in society. 

  •   Gamblers (in the left-most file, that direction being literally sinister)
  •   City guards or policeman (in front of a knight, as they trained city guards in real life)
  •   Innkeeper ( in front of a bishop) 
  •   Doctor (Always the queen’s pawn) 
  •   Merchant/Money Changer (always in front of the king) 
  •   Weaver/Clerk (in front of the bishop, for whom they wove or clericked) 
  •   Blacksmith (in front of a knight, as they care horses) 
  •   Worker/farmer (In front of a castle, for which they worked)

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Digital illustration inspired by the game of chess


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